Turkish Journal of Pathology

Türk Patoloji Dergisi

Turkish Journal of Pathology

II. International PathArt Photomicrography Contest

In our country, the words "pathology" and "pathologist" may not mean much or make sense for many people and for those that do, it is limited with the laboratory and the people who evaluate things under the microscope. However, we would like to state that we will not wear this shirt which was cut out for us that we have been trying to be tucked into.

We have set out to demonstrate that our existence and our profession in our daily practice can not be confined to the laboratory and that we can work with a lot of labor and diligence and reveal our unfamiliar aspects in large circles.

In doing so, we want to use art and its beautiful and positive influences on human soul as a way to express ourselves. In this context, we want to share our world, our imagination from the colors of our world and its reflections on reality with the abstractions coming out of our microcopes that we spend most of our days with.

At this point, we want to be able to remove pathologists from the hard working conditions to a certain degree and to make everyone be able to look at the work we do with a different eye. We also want to be able to carry our perception and world of imagination to larger segments, so that we can introduce pathology to them and increase the visibility of pathology and pathologists in Turkey.

This science and arts activity initiative, which we have launched with the name "PathArt", will be a pioneer in increasing our visibility and recognition nationally and internationally. We hope that this event that we are taking as a first step will be the starting point for many other events and initiatives that are to follow.