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2017, Volume 33, Number 1, Page(s) 025-029     
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DOI: 10.5146/tjpath.2016.01374
Expression of Monomeric C-Reactive Protein in Infarcted Brain Tissue from Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease
Mark SLEVIN1, Donghui LIU1, Glenn FERRIS1, Malik AL-HSINAWI2, Raid AL-BARADIE 2, Jerzy KRUPINSKI3
1Manchester Metropolitan University, School of Healthcare Science, Manchester, United Kingdom
2Department of Medical Laboratories, Majmaah University, Al Majma’ah, Saudi Arabia
3Department of Neurology, Hospital Universitari Mutua de Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain
Keywords: Monomeric C-reactive protein, Stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Neurodegeneration, Vascular dementia

Objective: We have previously shown that monomeric-C-reactive protein is deposited in significant quantities within the brain parenchyma after stroke. Since we have recently identified a possible role of this protein in supporting neurodegeneration and aberrant vascular development we identified a small group of post-mortem brain samples from individuals who had Alzheimer’s disease and evidence of tissue infarction/ micro-infarction on histological examination.

Material and Method: We used immunohistochemistry staining to identify the monomeric-C-reactive protein expressed in the infarcted brain tissues.

Results: We showed that monomeric-C-reactive protein deposition was highest in those regions affected by stroke or vascular disruption, and that within those same areas, there was more interaction and co-localization between major classical proteins of neurodegeneration (β-amyloid and tau).

Conclusion: We hypothesise that vascular disruption and concomitant release of monomeric-C-reactive protein within the brain tissue could exacerbate ongoing neurological damage via stimulation of neuro-inflammation and from direct consequences of its action on both neuronal and vascular cells.

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