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2020, Volume 36, Number 1, Page(s) 023-030     
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DOI: 10.5146/tjpath.2019.01472
Metaplastic Carcinoma of the Breast: Analysis of 38 Cases from a Single Institute
Bermal HASBAY1, Filiz AKA BOLAT1, Hüseyin Özgür AYTAÇ2, Hülya ASLAN3, Ayşin PURBAGER3
1Department of Pathology, Başkent University, Dr. Turgut Noyan Application and Research Center, ADANA TURKEY
2Department of General Surgery, Başkent University, Dr. Turgut Noyan Application and Research Center, ADANA TURKEY
3Department of Radiology, Başkent University, Dr. Turgut Noyan Application and Research Center, ADANA TURKEY
Keywords: Metaplastic breast carcinoma, Survival, Immunohistochemistry

Objective: To evaluate the pathological and radiological features, hormone profiles, surgery and treatment methods of metaplastic breast carcinoma cases diagnosed at our center in the light of current literature.

Material and Method: A total of 38 metaplastic breast cancer cases diagnosed between 2006-2018 at our center were included in the study. The patients were evaluated in terms of age, tumor size, localization, histological grade, hormone profiles (ER, PR, Her2-neu), American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) Tumor, Lymph node status, Metastases (TNM) stage, progression, survival, radiological features, types of surgery and therapy modalities (chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy).

Results: The age of the patients ranged between 32 and 95 years. Pathological evaluation of cases showed that 14 were pure epithelial (IC-NST + squamous cell carcinoma) and 24 were metaplastic carcinomas with mesenchymal differentiation. Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) was accompanying an invasive component in twenty cases. Seventeen patients had lymph node metastasis. Twelve patients developed distant metastasis. Thirty patients were triple negative for hormone receptors. The mean follow-up period of the patients was 34 months. The estimated life expectancy was 116 months. All of the patients received chemotherapy and 28 patients received adjuvant radiotherapy. There was no correlation between tumor size and lymph node or distant metastasis in our series. Our findings are consistent with the literature.

Conclusion: Metaplastic breast carcinoma is a rare entity among breast carcinomas. Metaplastic carcinomas of the breast draw attention with the differences in their clinical course and the radiological and pathological heterogeneity.

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