Turkish Journal of Pathology

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Turkish Journal of Pathology

Turkish Journal of Pathology

2009, Vol 25, Num, 3     (Pages: 071-077)

Correlation Between Fuhrman Nuclear Grade and Stage with Survival in Renal Cell Carcinoma

Evrim KUŞ 1, Kürşat YILDIZ 1, Özdal DİLLİOĞLUGİL 2

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DOI: 10.5146/tjpath.2009.01158
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Objective: Our aim was to find out the correlation between histopathological findings and survival of patients with renal cell carcinoma.

Material and Method: We examined 114 cases diagnosed as renal cell carcinoma at the Pathology Department in 1997 - 2007. We explored the correlation of histological type, size, Fuhrman nuclear grade, renal capsule invasion, renal vein and lymphatic/vascular invasion, tumoral necrosis and stage with survival.

Results: Histological subtypes were determined as clear cell in 101 cases (88,6%) , papillary in 9 cases (7,9%), and chromophobe renal cell carcinoma in 4 cases (3,5%). Reliable follow-up data were available in 96 of 114 cases. 74 of them (77,1%) were alive and 22 of them (22,9%) had died related to renal cell carcinoma. The mean follow-up time was 21,5 months with a wide range between 2 days and 87 months. 5 year survival was 61,3 months, and its probability was 58,2%.

Conclusion: We provide statistical results compatible with the recent literature in regard to high Fuhrman nuclear grade, advanced stage, necrosis, capsule invasion, microvascular invasion and lymph node invasion decreasing the survival time.

Keywords : Renal cell carcinoma, Survival, Fuhrman grade, Stage