Turkish Journal of Pathology

Türk Patoloji Dergisi

Turkish Journal of Pathology

Turkish Journal of Pathology

2010, Vol 26, Num, 2     (Pages: 168-169)

Leiomyoadenomatoid Tumor of the Uterus

Mary MATHEW 1, Garima GOEL 1

1 Department of Pathology, KMC, Manipal, KARNATAKA , INDIA

DOI: 10.5146/tjpath.2010.01018
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Adenomatoid tumors are benign, usually small lesions with a predilection for the male and female genital tracts. In the female genital tract, they may be found within the wall of fallopian tubes or beneath the uterine serosa near the uterine cornu. The term leiomyoadenomatoid tumor is used to describe a variant of adenomatoid tumor with a prominent smooth muscle component. In the present case report we describe a rare case of leiomyoadenomatoid tumor which was incidentally found in a hysterectomy specimen performed for symptomatic fibroid.

We report a case of leiomyoadenomatoid tumor of the uterus in a 51 year old female who presented with symptomatic fibroid.

Extensive literature search has resulted in only 3 cases of leiomyoadenomatoid tumors of the uterus. We would like to report an additional case of this rare tumor.

Keywords : Adenomatoid tumor, Uterus, Smooth muscle