Turkish Journal of Pathology

Türk Patoloji Dergisi

Turkish Journal of Pathology

Turkish Journal of Pathology

2019, Vol 35, Num, 3     (Pages: 254-257)

Follicular Dendritic Cell Sarcoma of the Larynx: Apropos a Rare Case with Review of the Literature

Ayushi SAHAY 1, Munita BAL 1, Asawari PATIL 1, Shubhada KANE 1, Prathamesh PAI 1

1 Department of Pathology, Tata Memorial Center, MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA

DOI: 10.5146/tjpath.2017.01408
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Extranodal follicular dendritic cell sarcomas are extremely rare neoplasms included under the hematolymphoid and dendritic group of neoplasms. Histologically, fascicular, whorled spindle cells with sprinkled lymphocytes are typical; however higher grade epithelioid morphology seen in a subset makes diagnosis of follicular dendritic cell sarcoma challenging. Rarity of occurrence, a wide histologic spectrum and a long list of differential diagnostic entities render follicular dendritic cell sarcoma an under-recognized entity susceptible to diagnostic pitfalls. Application of a judicious panel of immunohistochemical markers is imperative to avoid errors in diagnosis and patient management. We report here an extremely rare case of follicular dendritic cell sarcoma of the larynx- a hitherto unreported site.

Keywords : Follicular dendritic cell sarcoma, Larynx neoplasm, Podoplanin, Immunohistochemistry